young smiling woman with dark brown hair, dark eyes, gold earrings
“I have been to many physical therapists in the past for my back problems. Unfortunately, I only saw modest improvement and my pain persisted. Luckily, I ended up moving to south Florida, and found physical therapy services. The corrective exercises I was given, along with manual therapy cleared all of my issues. It feels amazing to be able to jog, walk and do my daily activities pain free.”
– Andrea
“I highly recommend physical therapy services. The team is very professional, and I appreciate the personal, one-on-one attention I received. Everyone was so friendly, I want to return here after I finish my rehabilitation.”
– Richard
“I want to thank you, Hermi and the staff at physical therapy services for your support and help with my ulnar nerve issue that affected my elbow. Hermi was excellent to keep in communication during my rehabilitation. I want to say that this is a first class, professional facility with caring and knowledgeable staff.”
– Sara M.